Dekker Revision 2

Design for a data transformation and exploration tool. Modules resource manager (initial querys to list dbs / tables available) simple table viewer sqlite3 manager template processor for SQL collector (file manager) collector (mapped csv) table editor (airtable ish) graphing d3 Node Editor for Transforms DAG Schedular collector (clang AST) Documentation Generator Collector (UI Map) Rev 2

MatPlotLib Pt.1

just wanted to try out something artistic in matplotlib. some more play time with numpy is always nice. here we go… perlin noise with matplotlib color arrays some voronoi_points in a numpy array a bar chart on a polar axis. I stole the code from some example, but I never thought about wrapping a bar chart x-axis around a point like that.

Priority Inversion: NGU

i recently started playing with golang. Go is nice because it removes a lot of the gotchas in parallel programming but not all. Dead lock is still possible and so you are still responsible for all which that entails. Priority inversion is not the same as dead lock, but it can be a cause of it.


simple plot empty container