MatPlotLib Pt.1

just wanted to try out something artistic in matplotlib. some more play time with numpy is always nice. here we go…

perlin noise with matplotlib color arrays

img img

some voronoi_points in a numpy array

img img

a bar chart on a polar axis.

I stole the code from some example, but I never thought about wrapping a bar chart x-axis around a point like that. Interesting result…

img img

using fonts on a plot

img img


Pretty pictures with perlin noise fields

Playing with Perlin Noise: Generating Realistic Archipelagos

Hexbin Shot Charts

Intro to

7 Points to Use Matplotlib More Efficiently

Matplotlib Animation – A Helpful Illustrated Guide

Artistic Voronoi Diagrams in Python

matplotlib colomap manipulation

W3 Python Exercises

NumPy Docs

Plotly vs Matplotlib

plotly has a js lib for interactive diagrams. not sure if matplotlib has something similar, but I haven’t seen it.

plotly express

Specific features

fonts matplotlib.axes.Axes.text

removing axes

axes subplots



cufflinks might not be really needed anymore. pandas supports multiple graphing backends like mpl or with plotly which now supports

pandas directly